Drainage system of Dierbergs - Crestwood, MO
Exterior of retaining wall at Crestwood Crossing - Crestwood, MO

E. George Cassis, P.E. establishes CASSIS Associates, Inc., in Litchfield, IL.  A civil engineer himself, Mr. Cassis started CASSIS as a civil and structural engineering firm. Within a year of the firm’s inception, services were extended to include architectural work for commercial and industrial clients. Subsequently, services were expanded to cover site selection, mechanical and electrical work, industrial engineering, materials handling, and construction management.

CASSIS Associates is rebranded CASCO Corporation. Its architectural business expanded significantly throughout the ’80s and 90’s to include many national retailers like Toys ‘R’ Us, The Home Depot, Circuit City, and PetSmart. Bed Bath and Beyond, and many more. With that work came associated civil engineering projects across the United States. During this time, CASCO performed thousands of Feasibility Studies and Site Investigative Reports assisting companies with their site analysis and entitlements. Eventually, CASCO began providing Site Development Coordination for national retailers and developers, managing their entire due diligence investigations, approvals, and permitting processes.

CASCO’s third generation of ownership takes control and it becomes an employee-owned company. The R|5 Design Agency was added and the company co-branded as CASCO + R|5 while relocating to Maplewood, MO.

New Civil Engineering leadership is procured to restore civil engineering presence in the St. Louis region. CASCO Civil is formed to focus on the St. Louis community while continuing our work for national developers.